Meet: Melissa Munoz-Rodriquez

How long have you been a stylist/technician?
19 fabulous years!

Specialties and/or Product Favorites
Color and cuts are my specialties and right now I’m loving the Moroccan Oil product line.

Hard work never killed anybody. You do what you have to do to get it done.

About Melissa
I started Salon Meli five years ago come December 2012. Salon Meli was necessary because I had to create a work atmosphere where I can work in. Getting into cosmetology, I knew I had to work in a place that suited me. So I started Salon Meli here in my home of Lubbock, as a sort of sanctuary for me and my stylists. We leave home at home, and leave work at work. We are not here for our issues but for our clients. We do hair and we do it well. It’s all out customer service.

Advice to clients
Stop thinking about your hair and let me take care of it. Let it happen.

Client Testimonial

I’ve been going to Melissa for hair cuts and color since 1996. What I love about Melissa is that I can tell her what I hate about my hair and she finds a way to make it work and look great! – Pam

Melissa has been my stylist since I was 14. Even though I left town to go to college and got a job, I always come back to Melissa to cut my hair because every time I leave her chair, I get compliments and she puts that bounce in my step I can’t get anywhere else. – Cassie

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